Mildew Removal & Window Cleaning

Cleaning Windows

I use the window cleaning solution to wash my windows. It leaves no streaks and is easy to make. A squeegie and a cloth to wipe the glass sides was the only other items I needed. If the window was really dirty, I would first scrub the glass with a plastic scrubber and the cleaning solution. Check this good web page on  cleaning techniques.

Removing Mildew from Siding

I had mildew and green algae growing on the siding on north side of my house as well as on my trellises. I spayed on the product, Wet and Forget and my mildew went away and stayed away. It was almost too good to be true. It is not instant and does take a while to work like the instructions say.

There seem to be similar products available but this one has been around longer and has a good reputation.

Cleaning Wood with Mildew Before Painting

When cleaning painted wood before repainting, I used to use chlorine plus a cleaner, now I use sodium percarbonate in water followed with a  house wash cleaner. It makes quick work of removing both the mildew and dirt. The photo on the right shows the before and after. After spaying on the cleaner, I scrub the wood with a stiff plastic brush before rinsing.

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Window Cleaner
Mix ½ cup sudsy ammonia, 1 tsp. dishwashing liquid, 1 pint rubbing alcohol, and water to create 1 gallon of cleaner, then pour some into an empty spray bottle.

Use a squeegee

Cleaning mildew before painting