Using Aluminum or Vinyl Flashing to Protect Garden Arbors

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When I first built my arbor, I didn't think to use flashing to protect the top flat part of the arbor from water. Eventhough I used pressure treated wood, over time the paint on top of the arbor support boards flaked off and water soaked into the wood causing the side paint to also flaked off.

To fix this, I took aluminum flashing, and vinyl flashing on another arbor, and with a hand seamer made an attractive top for the arbor boards. I didn't realize how easy it was to use the hand seamer to make straight seams. Once I made the tops, I screwed them in with stainless steel screws and silicon caulk.

I used the plastic flashing instead of aluminum where the arbor boards were narrow (1.5 inches). I had to hand cut the strips with a razor knife and metal ruler which was tedious.

Arbor with aluminum flashing installed over support boards

Flashing bent over board in an arbor to waterproof it

Flashing bent over board

Bending aluminum with a hand seamer

Bending aluminum with a hand seamer

Arbor flashing seen from below

Flashing seen from below


Crimping the flashing sides for an arbor

Crimping the vinyl flashing sides

Using a wall paper roller to crease the plastic flashing for an arbor

Using a wall paper roller to crease the vinyl flashing