The History of Our Historic House

Balloon framed house in Waterford Virginia

The house's use of balloon framing can be seen when the siding was replaced.

Our house is located in the national historic district of the village of Waterford Virginia. The house was built in 1861 by Robert W. Thomas a Waterford blacksmith who also ran the Waterford Hotel. He and his wife had eight children. Unfortunately his luck was bad, and his house was confiscated by the Confederacy and used as a hospital with household members caring for the sick. Waterford history

The property was sold after the war for $700. The new owner, Samuel Steer, had rented the house during the war, when he moved his family from the country for safety. During the war, his daughter, Sarah, co-editied the fervently pro-Union Waterford Newsleave site with her young neighbors, Lida and Lizzie Dutton. Later, Sarah Ann Steer was the first teacher at the new school for black children leave site just down Second Street.

The house has an early metal roof as well as its original wood siding. It uses balloon framing which was the new way of constructing homes starting in the 1830's.

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