Use Wolman's Zinsser Woodlife Classic to increase the lifetime of your painted wood siding

How to replace wooden siding

Replacing wooden siding

Help on the Web

Here are a number of sites we have found useful.


Installing fiberglass insulation It takes labor to install it correctly

Decayed wood:

Restoring wood with epoxyleave site Video of using an epoxy (Abatron's epoxy is similar)

Wood rot repairleave site


Why is my paint peelingleave site

Why exterior finishes failleave site [Opens as a PDF document]

Exterior paint problems on historic woodworkleave site (National Park Service)

Use of epoxy consolidants and fillers before paintingleave site

Using a water sealer/preservative before priming

Painting pressure treated wood


Repairing old windowsleave site

Repairing old windowsleave site (National Park Service).


Wood Myths: Facts and Fictions About Wood, Univ Massachusetts

Other sources of information:

John Leeke's Historic HomeWorksleave site

Ian Evan’s World of Old Housesleave site

Old House Guyleave site Provides information on howto make the appearance of your old house the best it can be.

Hammerzone - Good how to construction informationleave site

Finding the history in your homeleave site

If you can operate simple tools and equipment, here are simple home improvementleave site repairs.


Epoxy fillers and consolidants

Abatron's LiquidWood and WoodEpoxleave site

Rot Doctor's Penetrating Epoxy and FILL-IT™ Epoxy Fillerleave site

Painting and paint removal

Infrared paint removerleave site

American International Tools Paint Shaver Proleave site From Amazon

Zinsser Peel Stopleave site (Blexible bridging sealer for surfaces where peeling, flaking, dusting  or chalking is a problem)

Removing mildew from surfacesleave site—Wet and Forget Commercial Product

Roof repair and roof painting

Preservation Productsleave site

Information on tin roof repair from a roofing firmleave site

Stainless steel fasteners

Manasquan Premium Fastenersleave site


Glazing compounds: Sarco Seal Dual Glaze or Sarco Mutiglaze Type M). Small quantities from Sarco Seal Glaze from Abatronleave site or Smith Restoration Sashleave site

Weather stripping is available from Kilian Hardwareleave site or HardwareHutleave site.

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